I trained with the relationship specialists Relate to Postgraduate degree level.

I offer a neutral environment where I will help you both to explore and understand your problems and work through whatever changes you wish to make.

I never underestimate how daunting it can feel to come to therapy.  I am a warm and friendly counsellor and my position is not to take sides but to help facilitate often difficult and emotive conversations.  I will offer you techniques to be able to communicate better and increase your understanding and empathy for each other.  Every relationship has a different dynamic.  We will look at perhaps the negative patterns you keep returning to, or past hurts which need to be healed.

It may be that you want to stay together or need support in being able to separate.    Whatever path you choose to take,  I will help you make sense of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that being in an intimate relationship can evoke.

Couples Counselling


Couples counselling offers you a safe place to be able to voice the things which you may not have had the courage to say before. By having an experienced & qualified relationship therapist in the room, it helps soften conversations which could previously trigger anger or defensive responses. I will gently guide you both through the process and help you to open up and work through whatever your difficulties are in a compassionate and contained space.

I have seen it time and time again that when couples are able to take an observer perspective on their relationship, they gain huge insight into the part each are playing in their relationship dynamic. This leads to a much better understanding and empathy for each other and creates opportunity for positive change. With commitment to the process, couples often gain much stronger emotional connections and move forward as a team again. 

How the sessions work?

I like to see you both together for the initial consultation. I then see you for an individual session each before returning together. In the individual sessions I am able to gain a full understanding from each of your perspectives of the difficulties you are facing. Experience and research has shown this helps improve the effectiveness of the counselling.

Previous couples have attended therapy for either short-term work (on average 6-12 sessions) and others prefer deeper and more long term work. I work collaboratively with all my clients and we will have regular reviews to ensure you are making the desired progress.

Couples come for relationship counselling for a huge variety of reasons including:

  • Communication difficulties

  • Affairs and infidelity

  • Toxic relationships

  • Sexual issues

  • Jealousy and insecurity

  • Marriage guidance

  • Parenting problems

  • Divorce and separation

  • Fallen out of love

  • Co-dependency

This list is not exhaustive.